2018 FIFA World Cup and Why It’s Important for Mobile Developers



If you’ve been in mobile development for awhile, then you’re certainly aware that the mobile market is seasonal and events-oriented, whether it’s holidays, movie premieres or sporting events. People are extremely active on these specific dates and they simply like the associated content.

If you follow big events, you’re aware of the 2018 FIFA World Cup starting on June 14th. And some of you are probably prepared for it. But, if not — you still have time.

So what does this event actually bring to game and mobile developers? The answer is simple — it brings traffic, A LOT of traffic. #WC 2018 is trending on stores right now, which means that there are a lot of potential free users who would love to play your game or install your app, and the only thing you need to do is to make that app and do a proper ASO.

Quality is a key, so make sure your app fits the majority of devices with no obvious bugs, and that it doesn’t crash and or have ads on every step. Ad annoyance chases users away and results in bad reviews for your app.

LiveEdu pays mobile app devs to stream or record while they build their app. As a smart and business savvy app developer, LiveEdu believes that you should get paid to stream the creation of your WC 2018 app. Plus you’ll enjoy these extra perks:

  1. High ranking of your app upon release due to the extra attention your upcoming app gets and the free users that the extra attention attracts.
  2. Immediate feedback if you opt to do a livestream while creating your app.
  3. Name recognition for yourself in the developer community.

Learn more by reading this article and then jump onto our slack workspace and get started making money while you code!

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