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What are the benefits of Pro Account?


Ever wondered what are the benefits of Pro subscription? If you are lost and haven’t found the benefits yet, we will now go through the key benefits of LiveEdu Pro subscription on

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Our platform has two major user base. The viewers and the broadcasters. As a pro account user, you get benefits for both the viewer and broadcaster roles. There is no need to register for each role separately! Be an amazing broadcaster and awesome viewer at the same time!

Benefits for Viewers

As a viewer, you will get tons of benefits. Let’s list them.

  1. You can Watch and access premium live and on-demand projects.
  2. Download Project files and learn offline to improve your skills.
  3. You get all the free account benefits.
  4. Chat in premium projects.
  5. You can watch livestreams and videos in high or low resolution.
  6. You can experience Ads free environment. The seamless environment is created so that no distraction takes place and you can enjoy at its full glory.
  7. You can download project videos. Download from more than 270,000 project videos to practice on your own.
  8. You get access to 24 hrs customer support.

Benefits for Broadcasters

The Pro account subscription also benefits broadcasters. Let’s list them.

  1. You can opt out of archiving. This means that your streams are not archived when the option is turned on.
  2. You get access to Team and Private channel. Team channel can be used for private streaming. You need to share the stream keys to your team members to fully utilize it. Private channels can be used to broadcast to selected audience.
  3. The Pro account will have 2x Rest API calls limit which means that Pro users have twice the Rest API calls limit than a free account.
  4. Your videos are never deleted even if you do not meet the video deletion policy.
  5. You as a Pro user will get a Pro badge and emotions. Your Pro VIP status will be shown in the user profile section, chat messages and on your channel.
  6. You get access to 24 hrs customer support.

The Pro account is available for just $14.95/month. You can get more value out of the Pro subscription if you subscribe for 6 months and 1 year. You can get 6 months subscription for just $85.99 with a saving of 5% and a yearly subscription for just $161.99 per year with a saving of 10%.

Do you still have questions regarding the pro account? Check out the question section on the pro account benefits page. You can also use the comment section.

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