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Accountant Swift Girl Portland Developer

Who’s Cathrax? An accountant in normal life who’s learning Swift. What prompted her decision and what message does she have for her viewers on Let’s find out: Real name: Cathrax Alter ego: Cathrax Location: Portland, United States…
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Codeteacher South Carolina Frontend Developer

  Who’s Awakekat? A front end developer? Code teacher? Or a mix of both? We find out in this Q&A: Real name: Katherine Alter ego: Awakekat Location: Spartanburg, SC, USA Powers/abilities: PHP, HTML/CSS Username:  Questions: Q: We understand…
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protolicious Montreal, Canada PHP Developer

Who’s protolicious! What we did know was that she’s been building working business prototypes on her channel. What we now know is: Real name: Paule Alter ego: protolicious Location: Montreal, Canada Powers/abilities: Java, JavaScript, PHP Username: Questions:…
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PhD Scientist Forest R Coder California

Who’s Bugdoctor? What is the main goal of her research? How is she using R and Python in her research? Let’s find out: Real name: Sam Alter ego: Bugdoctor Location: Merced, CA. USA Powers/abilities: R, C/C++, Python, PHP Username:

What Is On The Roadmap? --- Your Ideas!

You have shared your ideas with the community, You have taken the time to send us your request via email, You have sent us feedbacks on the chat box, on the blog and on the…