3 Ways to Create Objects in Object-Oriented JavaScript

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that supports Object Oriented Programming (OOP). In fact, in JavaScript, objects rule the day—from core features such as strings and arrays to browser APIs built using the language. Bautista,…

7 Top UX/UI Tools to Enhance Your Designs

Creative design is lauded for the key role it plays in the success of digital product designs as engaging visitors takes a lot more than aesthetics or structured layout. Leila, a Ukraine-based UX/UI designer who…

2 Key CSS Tips and Tricks Every Designer Should Master

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Data Science

How Blockchain Technology Could Revamp Data Storage

The blockchain technology, which has recently been hyped because of the blossoming success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is creating disruptions in several quarters—and the data storage industry is not being left behind….