Let’s Stop Stream Notification Spamming

When we first launched notifications on not long ago, our goal was to make it easier for viewers to discover streams and follow their favorite streamers. However, as some of you may have noticed the…
Coding Community

Darongyi C++ Seoul

Sun Mi Kang Follows as: Darongyi A Little About Darongyi: Sun Mi Kang is from Seoul, South Korea. Like most girls of her age, she likes chocolates, nail colors and weekly hangouts with friends….
Coding Community

Trav C# Michigan

A Little About Travis Noles: Travis Noles is a computer science student at Lake Michigan College. He loves cats and C# is his favorite programming language. He is one of the most outspoken and equally…

Stream Notification System

From Twitter’s tweets to Facebook’s posts, notifications today are the linchpin of each and every interaction that occurs between apps and their users. To make sure that our viewers stay informed of our streaming…

Feature Watch: The Community

When we preach about the many great things about, sometimes we tend to get hung up a bit on the awesome online educational aspect of the site. Other times, we bang on about its convenience…

Feature Watch: Coding on Demand

Introducing Feature Watch: A run down of some of the features we’re most proud of over at! To begin, our video library feature! When it comes to our voyeuristic habits, we’ve become creatures of…
Viewers – Watch People Code Products, live

We are excited to be working on, a peer-to-peer live streaming platform for watching people code products live. Actually, this is sort of a second announcement as we were picked up by the r/javascript about a week ago,…