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Choose the Right Coding Category

Now it’s time to select exactly the coding category which describes the project you working on. No more selection of generic programming languages. Now you can select a specific framework like Angular.js instead of Javascript. We added over 100 new coding categories to help streamers target their audience. Take a look at the new list of coding categories you can select from Livecoding Coding Categories .


  • If you are working on  Django project, you can select as coding category “Django” instead of Python


  • Instead of using Java as a generic programming category you can use more specific category like “Scala”


  • If you are working in Laravel use “laravel” as a programming category rather than using PHP


To select coding category follow these steps.

  • Go on channel page and click on edit button.


  • Enter your keyword and select the coding category you want to select.


and Click save button.

The same process will apply on the following items.

  • You can select top 3 languages you command
  • You can chose top 3 languages you want to learn, and coding category that fits your streaming session.
  • You can use tags to filter livestreams, videos and playlists in order to match with your interested programming language.

So, from now on start selecting your suitable coding language 🙂

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