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Creators: Changes to Video Creation Process Based on Viewer Feedback

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In the past 6 months, we have been collecting feedback from our viewers on improvements we can make to give a better user experience, top-notch content, and improved project creation process. 


After analyzing the viewers’ feedback, we are going to make some changes in the project creation process. These changes will enhance projects quality and give the viewers a better learning experience. 


Going forward project creators are going to follow these guidelines to create projects:


General Guidelines:


  1. Education Ecosystem will allocate projects to a project creator.
  2. The project creator creates an outline of the project and breaks it down into sections. (episodes)
  3. Once the outline is approved, the project creator will record a project introduction video and submit it for review. (project quality check). Example:
    • The introduction project creator above themselves, the project, and about sections they are going to cover.
  4. Once the introduction video is approved, the project creator can start recording videos. 
  5. The project creator is to deliver the project within 2 weeks. 
  6. In accordance with the Education Ecosystem, the content become the exclusive property of Education Ecosystem after payment. Education Ecosystem in accordance with its terms of services has the right to distribute the content across third party channels.


Video Recording Guidelines:


You can use the following tools to record videos:


  • OBS (preferable)
  • Zoom


Video Quality:


  1. The video needs to be recorded in high resolution – HD or 4K (You can easily record using OBS)
  2. The coding font needs to be big enough so the viewer can easily read that
  3. Don’t use any kind of background music (no songs or instrumental is allowed)
  4. The voiceover tone needs to be friendly, and energetic
  5. Make sure that there are no background noises in the room you are recording videos. 

NOTE: Video with background music, background noises, and bad quality will lead to rejection. 


Send us an email or join our slack group if you are interested in creating projects for Education Ecosystem.

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Education Ecosystem is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches professionals and college students how to build real products. We are building the world's biggest learning ecosystem for future technology topics such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, game development, data science, cryptocurrencies, and programming. Education ecosystem is video based and each project contains videos, a structured project outline, project repo, and downloadable resources. Users can clone project resources from the Education Ecosystem Git and run the applications on their local machine. Students on Education Ecosystem use LEDU tokens to buy subscriptions to watch projects, download projects and ask experts questions.