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How You Get Paid on Education Ecosystem


 Project Creator Payment System

Starting Monday, October 28th we are canceling class based payment system to introduce a flexible payment model in 3 parts.

           1) Base $ payment

Here are the main criteria that will be used when pricing your projects:

  1. The complexity of the project
  2. Your experience/degree/achievements
  3. Length of the project

All of this will affect the final price of the project.

*You can also choose to be paid in LEDU, ETH or a combination of them.

          2) Quarterly LEDU payment based on views

All project creators will be rewarded LEDU tokens as partial compensation for their work.

The amount of LEDU tokens allocated quarterly to each project creator is calculated based on their proportional view-time. The proportional view time of a project creator is their total view time divided by total Education Ecosystem view time.

How exactly payments are calculated and will be made is explained in section 3.2.1 of our whitepaper.

          3) Perpetual monthly payment

Last but not least is a perpetual payment after the project breaks even

Once we’ve met our operational costs and the project break-evens, we’ll continue paying you on a 50-50 basis—indefinitely. This means that if the project costs break-evens, we’ll keep 50% of the revenues and pay an extra 50%, which will be split among all the project creators on the platform. So, even if you do not create any project for 5 years, you’ll continue to earn perpetually from the projects you created.

You can read more about it in a separate blog article HERE.

We hope this approach will increase your interest in working with us and bring many new awesome projects!

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