Education Ecosystem is Changing Pricing Plans

With our commitment to making the Education Ecosystem a truly all-in-one solution, we are introducing one plan priced at $14.99 per month with the upcoming new product release. We are adding more value for less and removing restrictions.


Here are the major changes you will find in our pricing:

With the shift to one low monthly price, the Education Ecosystem is the best value in the market; ensuring that everyone receives the same benefits and functionality across the board.



We offer several ways for Viewers to pay for their subscription. They include:

  • LEDU
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paymentwall methods such as Alipay, Russian PayPal, and many other European payment methods

LEDU Coins

If viewers already hold LEDU coins, these can be used to pay for an Education Ecosystem subscription. Simply send the required amount of LEDU coins to the wallet address provided and the balance will be added to the viewer’s account.


Viewers can also pay for subscriptions with BTC or ETH. When paying with cryptocurrencies, payments can be made from either a private wallet or an exchange wallet. (Note: exchanges charge fees when sending payments. Viewers must account for this fee otherwise the subscription payment may not be successful.)

Credit/Debit Card

Viewers can pay for their subscription with the credit or debit card of their choice. After selecting that method, you will be directed on how to make your payment.


Another payment method that viewers can use is PayPal, a global payment processing method. Selecting this option at checkout will guide viewers through the PayPal payment process.


We allow our viewers to pay with PaymentWall, resulting in full coverage in more than 200 countries with local options for each of these markets such as Alipay, Russian PayPal, and many other European payment methods. When viewers select this method of payment, the process is explained, and they will be directed to the options that are available.

We convert all payment methods (BTC/ETH, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and PaymentWall) that are non-LEDU to LEDU, since LEDU is our native platform and ecosystem currency.


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