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Education Ecosystem is joining Unesco and IBM in the CodeTheCurve Hackathon


The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to the closure of schools worldwide. Many young people locked up in homes are in need of virtual education, and practical fun. Responding to this need, Unesco has partnered with IBM through the IBM Z team, SAP, and other collaborators by launching CodeTheCurve, a hackathon set to run from 24th April, 2020. 

Education Ecosystem has joined this response to the global pandemic through the participation of its CEO in the Hackathon as a mentor to the participants to empower them with access to data, and skills in machine learning, data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), ethics in AI, AI for social good, entrepreneurship, design thinking, working as global and virtual teams, and much more.

Read more about the hackathon here:

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