How to Hire a Streamer for Private Sessions

As you know we have amazing engineers on who every day code games, mobile apps and websites. From our first launch on Feb 23, 2015, we are as of today a coding community of 86,000 registered and 55,000 unregistered users from 194 countries and 3000 cities. Streamers have been helping a lot of people in the community doing code reviews, fixig bugs, solving backend technical issues and building products from scratch. A lot of people have been asking for a way to hire streamers for private 1:1 and group sessions. Today, we are launching the “Hire Me” service which is a way to hire and pay a streamer. The idea behind this is for streamers to make money so they invest more time in building more professional, educational and engaging products on their channels.

You can hire a streamer for code review, backend architecture review, solving technical issues, preparing for exams, helping on homework, building modules or new products from scratch.
To hire a streamer, e.g. FearMediocrity on
1. You go on his channel and click on the “Hire” button

hire programmer

2. Now you can read about the kind of services FearMediocrity offers and his hourly rate

programmer rate and details

3. If you click the “Hire Now” you can add the number of hours and describe what you want

4. If you click “Pay Now” , you land on the payment page where you pay and holds
the money in escrow. The streamer gets a booking email notification.


5. FearMediocrity connects with you on and delivers the service. pays the money out to FearMediocrity after you have confirmed the service
has been delivered.

Now, go ahead and hire your favorite streamer!

In case you have any questions on this, check out our knowledge base. If you still can’t find an answer, click the “submit a request” button to send us a message.

How do I activate my channel for hiring as a streamer? How do I get paid out?
By natural selection people will mostly likely hire streamers who stream a lot and have built an audience and reputation on If you want to get hired, the best way to start is to stream often every week so people get familiar with you and also see the products you building. If you are a streamer and want to activate your channel for hiring, go on your profile edit page, click the “Hiring Profile” button to add your details. Streamers who have a fully filled out channel page and stream educational and professional content will more likely be booked. In the testing phase, we will pay out the money out to streamers via Paypal after we have confirmed with the buyer that the service has been delivered.


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