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How Whelan Became a Vue.JS Expert through Hands-on Projects on Education Ecosystem during the Pandemic

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Whelan shares his story with us, how he has become a Vue.JS expert by learning with the free projects on Education Ecosystem during the Pandemic. He says he has sharpened his programming skills and looks forward to learning with more projects on the platform. He encourages all college students and professionals who have found themselves with a lot of free time  during the pandemic to take advantage of Education Ecosystem and stay productive while they add more skills to their existing skill sets. 


My name is Marjan Whelan, a sophomore student taking BSc. Computer Applications at Dublin City University, Ireland. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic saw the world, including universities closing and everybody quarantined at home in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus. This came with students and developers having a lot of free time on their hands. I saw this as an opportunity to advance my coding skills as a way to stay productive during the ongoing pandemic.


Having had a background of coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I started searching for online materials to learn a new JavaScript framework. I had always wanted to learn Vue.JS. I had previously read this article that Vue.js has been fast gaining a lot of traction. A State of JavaScript 2019 survey, showed that 48% of developers want to learn this JavaScript framework, and 30% of developers have used it so far. What raised my curiosity even more is that 90% of developers who dipped their toes into the technology would use it again in their future projects.


In earnest, I started searching for materials and tutorials that would give me a real hands-on experience in learning the Vue.JS framework. I had not searched for a lot of time when I came across Education Ecosystem, a platform that offered real world projects, tutorials, and a project repository to help you learn the framework. 


I started learning using a project, How to build a search engine in Vue.JS, by Melight. Thanks to Vue.JS’s gentle learning curve aided by its detailed and understandable documentation, I found it very easy to learn, thanks to my HTML and JavaScript background. Through the project, I learnt how through combining the best parts of the existing JS frameworks, AngularJS and ReactJS, Vue makes a great competitor and deservedly earns the top spot among the most popular frameworks.


In this project, the creator, Melight, takes you through building a Vue.JS based UI for a search web application. He takes you through from the basics to the intermediate material of the course. 


The platform provides a forum where issues are discussed and addressed immediately. It took me 3.5 weeks of going through the project and a few others on Vue.JS. I can now confidently call myself an expert. 


I have since joined the Education Ecosystem community and I look forward to creating projects with them and contributing to the development of coding. I encourage every computer science student looking to advance their coding skills to look out for the projects on Education Ecosystem and learn with them. 


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About Author Dr. Michael Jurgen Garbade is the founder of LiveEdu.TV, Kyuda, Education Ecosystem. He is future Venture Capitalist, Future Politician and always on the lookout for the Next Big Challenge. Obtained Masters in business administration and physics, and a Ph.D. in finance with professional work experience in high-paced environments at Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and General Electric. Expertize: Python, PHP, Sencha Touch & C++, SEO, Finance, Strategy & E-commerce. He speaks English and German and has worked in the US, Europe, and Asia. At Education Ecosystem he is the CEO and runs business operations.
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