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Learn Skills That Matter – LiveEdu New Update

LiveEdu New Update

In the past couple of months, we have made a lot of changes to the platform. Video upload and premium projects were some of the changes that we introduced. We firmly believe that the new revision will push in the right direction, and will also build the community around “learning” and “career development”.

With the new LiveEdu release, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in August. You can read more about it in the official blog post announcement.

To incorporate the new philosophy we also changed our website design. Apart from the new look, we have also introduced exciting new topics.

New Topics – You will love them!

There is a huge demand for new skills in the market. There is tremendous growth in the field of Game Development, Design, Data Science, Virtual Reality(VR) & Augmented Reality(AR), Artificial Intelligence and CryptoCurrency. To meet the market demand, we have introduced all the topics mentioned above. Now you can find Guides, Project Videos (both premium and non-premium), and Livestreams on the new topics, and keep yourself up to date with the skills that are required to succeed.

New Navigation

One of the major challenges is to offer proper user navigation. A smooth experience means users will be able to find the content they are looking for and also access the different sections of our platform with ease.

Below is how the new navigation menu looks like.


New Navigation Menu


Click this, and you will see all the livestreams on our platform. The User interface is revamped so that users can easily browse through the livestreams. Also, the scheduler is integrated in such a way that you know what’s coming up.

2- livestream


Project Videos

Project Videos is where you can find Premium, Non-premium, and Requests for all the topics on LiveEdu. You can also find project videos for Programming, Game Development, Data Science, Design, Virtual Reality(VR) & Augmented Reality(AR), Artificial Intelligence and CryptoCurrency.

We are using AJAX to load content without completely reloading the whole page. This change will further improve the user experience by providing faster access to the content.


Project Videos


We understand how our community revolves around projects. To better understand our audience, we have introduced a new section, “Requests”, completely dedicated to project’s suggestions from our users. It doesn’t matter if you are a normal user or a PRO user, you can request “Premium Projects.” We have also included a voting system so that it is easier for content creators to work on projects that are in demand by our audience.




Our Learn Pages section is now renamed to “Guides.” Guides contain tons of information including history, books (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), projects, and everything that you need to start learning about a specific topic.

New topics are added, such as Game development, Data Science, Design, VR & AR, Artificial Intelligence, and CryptoCurrency. Check them out yourself!



That’s it! We hope you like the new changes to LiveEdu’s platform. Want to see future changes to the platform?Then, please don’t forget to comment below and let us know. We are listening!

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About Author Dr. Michael Jurgen Garbade is the founder of LiveEdu.TV, Kyuda, Education Ecosystem. He is future Venture Capitalist, Future Politician and always on the lookout for the Next Big Challenge. Obtained Masters in business administration and physics, and a Ph.D. in finance with professional work experience in high-paced environments at Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and General Electric. Expertize: Python, PHP, Sencha Touch & C++, SEO, Finance, Strategy & E-commerce. He speaks English and German and has worked in the US, Europe, and Asia. At Education Ecosystem he is the CEO and runs business operations.