Chat Bot Competition

Chat bots seem to be very popular on To create the official chat bot we are organizing a chat bot competition. The community will vote on the winining bot and it will be made the official bot. You can participate in the competition as an individual or team: start date: Oct 20, 2015 – end date: Nov 10, 2015.

You can code your chat bot in any programming language. The first version of the chat bot does not need any RestAPI integration to See example the chat bot “Wilford” on Dyerringtton’s channel

image00 image01 image02

Prize 1: APPLE iPad Mini 16 GB or equivalent Android device

Prize 2: CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Complete Starter Kit

Prize 3: Kindle Fire 7

Criteria for acceptance: a) whole chat bot creation process is streamed on b) videos of the stream can be publicly viewed on c) anybody on can watch the development process d) stream has the title “Chat Bot Competition -[your botname]” e) chat bot meets minimum requirements defined below.

To participate, send an email to “[email protected]” with the message “participating in the chat bot competition. The channel to see the winning bot will be …… [put your channel url here]”:

Minimum Chat Bot Requirement

Here is a list of minimum features your chat bot should have but you can add more yourself. Let your imagination fly high as long as you fulfil the minimum requirements. You do not need any RestAPI to create the bot now. If you want to see how such a bot works, see this example

Greet channel visitors

Newbies: the bot greets visitors who come in for the first time, e.g. “Hey alvin – welcome. what brings you here today?”

Regulars: the bot should recognize visitors who have been in the chat for more than three times and greet them  like a “regular”   , e.g. “Unicorn is back!”

Current task and small talk

The bot tells the visitors the current task streamer is working and asks them questions so they participate in chat, e.g.

“Am just working on xxxxxxxx”. Have you built any project like this before?

Are you a professional engineer or CS student?

Am in San Francisco. Which city are you in?

Tools am using:

the bot tells the visitors which IDE, plugins,technologies etc. the streamer is using to build his product

Song playing:

the bot tells which song is playing now

Song request

Viewers can request a song if they donate to your channel

Donate to my channel and request any song the whole month

Donate to my channel and the bot will give you a VIP greeting for the month, e.g. “VIP faugusztin is in da house.”

Information commands visitors can type in chat


tells us favorite language of the streamer, e.g. “Python”


tells us favorite framework of the streamer, e.g. “Django”


tells us favorite ide of the streamer e.g. “Sublime”


tells us favorite viewer of the streamer, e.g. “faugusztin”


tells us favorite music of the streamer, e.g. “Wish you were here – Britney Spears”

!streamingguide streaming guide for Mac, Windows and Linux is here:

!support support page is here:


Here is a list of new features released:

  1. Hire a Streamer & Pay
  2. Reddit stream announcement



Current song playing is “xxx”


Eclipse, Vmware, Twilio API

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