Coding CommunityE-Learning Quiz of the Day: 14/10/2016



  1. div, p – Selects all <div> elements and all <p> elements
  2. div p – Selects all <p> elements that are anywhere inside a <div> element
  3. div > p – Selects all <p> elements where the immediate parent is a <div> element
  4. div + p – Selects all <p> elements that are placed immediately after a <div> element
  5. div ~ p – Selects all <p> elements that are anywhere preceded by a <div> element

If you want to explore more about CSS3, visit our videos section! Below are some examples:

You can also follow some of the broadcasters who program in CSS3, as below:



Another cool way to find out interesting things about PHP is to access our project page!

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