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1. Encapsulation

  • Encapsulation is a mechanism by which developer could hide implementation behind an interface.
  • Encapsulated code has two features:
    • Instance variables are kept protected (usually with the private modifier).
    • Getter and setter methods provide access to instance variables.
  • Kindly take a look at tutorial: Complete End to End working Encapsulation example
    • The public setName() and getName() methods are the access points of the instance variables.

2. Inheritance

  • Inheritance allows a class to be a subclass of a superclass, and thereby inherit public and protected variables and methods of the superclass.
  • Inheritance is a key concept that underlies polymorphism, overriding, overloading and casting.

3. Polymorphism

  • Polymorphism means “many forms.”
  • A reference variable is always of a single, unchangeable type, but it can refer to a subtype object.
  • A single object can be referred to by reference variables of many different types —as long as they are the same type or a supertype of the object.
  • Polymorphic method invocations apply only to overridden instance methods.

If you want to explore more, visit our Java edu & tutorials section! Below are some examples:

You can also follow some of the broadcasters who program in Java, like the ones below:



Another cool way to find out interesting things about Java is to access our project page!

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