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One of our primary goals on is to provide quality content for our viewers. To achieve the highest quality possible, we have taken regular feedbacks from the viewers. After going through multiple feedback loops, we have found the right formula to ensure content quality on LiveEdu.

Currently, we have two major content categories: Premium projects and Normal projects.

Premium content is high quality educational and engaging content where the streamer is in teaching mode. The content requires proper use of audio and camera devices. This can be a live project tutorial, which walks you through a whole project in multiple sessions, e.g. “How to build an Instagram app, using iOS.”  You can ask live questions in the chat room. Premium content is always on teaching mode, it is well-structured and gives proper value to the viewers’ time.

For example, check out the “Creating an Instagram Service in Django” by Tylersavery who is in teaching mode.

Any project that doesn’t fall under “Premium” falls under “Normal Projects”. Normal projects are generally in work mode. In work mode, the streamer works on his project without explaining every single step. Normal projects are further classified into “interactive” and “silent” streams. Interactive content is content, which is to a slight extent engaging and educational, but not on the level of Premium.

CA2 from Curitiba, BR regularly streams Normal Project. Check out his stream to learn how a Normal project works. Any project where the streamer is not interactive with his audience falls under the “Silent Project.”


Moving from Quantity to Quality Content on LiveEdu explains the topic in more detail and how we differentiate content based on its quality.

LiveEdu Normal Content Quality

As we have discussed above, any project that is not on teaching mode falls under the “Normal Content.” However, to maintain quality, we will also look out for some criteria that make Normal projects worth following by the audience.

Projects that match the following criteria will be selected as “Normal Projects”, if the answer is positive for all the below mentioned criteria

Project MetaData

  • Is the project title clearly stating what the project is about?
  • Is the project title eye catching and sexy to draw the attention even if the viewer is not a coder?
  • Is the blog project description filled out with all details?

Stream Quality

  • Is the audio clear and at pleasant volume?
  • Is stream smooth?
  • Is the stream not buffering?
  • Is the screen easily readable without straining the viewer’s eyes?

General Perspective

  • Is the streamer using audio?
  • Is the streamer engaging and active in the stream?
  • Is the streamer somehow pleasant to watch?
  • Is it easy or hard to follow what the streamer is explaining irrespective of the content?
  • Does he explain things well?

Educational Value

  • Do the viewers learn something by watching the livestream or video?

If a project doesn’t meet the above criteria, it will not be publicly displayed in the Normal Project directory.

With our new update, we have also changed how the way project credits works. There will be no 3 free project limit and we also ditching the idea of classifying projects into normal and non-interactive.

In the new approach, the project when created initially will be approved by our content team. If the project doesn’t meet the above criteria or is non-educational, it will not be approved. The streamer can start streaming after the project is approved. This will work similar to both free and PRO members. The step is taken to ensure that there is no limit on the projects that are streamed on the platform and also provide high-quality content for the viewers.

By default, you will have 3 free project credits. If your projects are highly educational and your profile and project pages are fully filled out, contact our support team to check and grant you 3 more free projects. If your streams are just silent and not educational for viewers to watch, you will need to buy a LiveEdu Pro subscription to create more projects.


LiveEdu Premium Content Quality

Premium content screams quality and hence have strict criteria compared to the Normal projects. Let’s look into the different criteria.

Project metadata

  • Is the offline splashscreen uploaded?
  • Are the streaming days each week displayed on the offline splashscreen?
  • Is the product image shown on the offline splashscreen?
  • Is the project title “SEO friendly”? e.g. “How to …..”
  • Is the project title eye catching and sexy to draw your attention even if you are not a coder?
  • Is the project tutorial outline fully filled out?
  • Is the project tutorial outline clear to understand what is going to happen even if you do not understand programming?
  • Is the resources zip file uploaded?

Stream Quality

  • Is the audio clear and at pleasant volume?
  • Is stream smooth?
  • Is the stream not buffering?
  • Is the screen easily readable without straining your eyes?

General Presentation

  • Is the streamer engaging and active in the stream?
  • Is the streamer somehow pleasant to watch teaching?
  • Does the streamer explain things well?

Educational Value

  • Does the streamer stay focused on the content that he is teaching?
  • The playlist created by the streamer should be easy to follow.
  • The viewers should be easily able to follow the content from top to bottom.

Also, check out our project deletion policy for a better understanding of how and when we delete projects on LiveEdu.

Content Moderation

To ensure that the community can help develop the site, we are going to release content moderation. The content moderation will be done by the users of and we will release it in the coming few weeks.

That’s it, folks. If you are still confused and want to ask something, go ahead and do it in the comment section below. We are listening to every bit of feedback. Happy streaming!

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I, Dr. Michael J. Garbade is the co-founder of the Education Ecosystem (aka LiveEdu), ex-Amazon, GE, Rebate Networks, Y-combinator. Python, Django, and DevOps Engineer. Serial Entrepreneur. Experienced in raising venture funding. I speak English and German as mother tongues. I have a Masters in Business Administration and Physics, and a Ph.D. in Venture Capital Financing. Currently, I am the Project Lead on the community project -Nationalcoronalvirus Hotline I write subject matter expert technical and business articles in leading blogs like,, Cybrary, Businessinsider,, TechinAsia, Coindesk, and Cointelegraph. I am a frequent speaker and panelist at tech and blockchain conferences around the globe. I serve as a start-up mentor at Axel Springer Accelerator, NY Edtech Accelerator, Seedstars, and Learnlaunch Accelerator. I love hackathons and often serve as a technical judge on hackathon panels.