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Meet the Streamers – Nelly

Here at we’re of the opinion that our streamers themselves are probably our most awesome feature, and so we’ve decided to get chatting to them and find out a bit more about our resident coders. This week I sat down with Nelly, a student, and we got talking.

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Don: Hi Nelly, how’s it going?

Nelly: Good thanks!

D: Can you tell me a little bit about any projects that you’re working on at the moment?

N: I’m actually working on this cool assignment that’s in C++. It’s a virtual mesh that has to integrate instructions and mathematical configurations.

D: And how did you find out about

N: I can’t really remember but I think it was on Reddit, a while ago.

D: What have you used it for so far?

N: I’ve streamed myself coding for about half an hour overall so far, and it was really easy to use. The software was easy to install and the performance on my computer was good so I could still code at the same time. The only downside was that because the site was still testing at this point, none of my friends got to watch…!

D: What’s your favorite feature of the site?

N: Well I always wanted to be able to broadcast myself coding and then create a time lapse video afterwards so I could see all the code being developed in fast motion. I always wanted to have something like that and then I saw Livecoding.

D: I’ve heard you’ve used to broadcast yourself doing your homework – has it made it a bit more enjoyable?

N: Yeah definitely, but as I only get back at 8 PM I don’t really have much time to do it. I’ve been wanting to install it at school but we don’t have administrator access so I can only do it at home. I will try to set it up and if I do I can stream myself coding all day long!

D: What do you really want to get out of using

N: I think if loads of people join and are interested in seeing me stream and ask me questions then that would be really cool. It can just be a cool place to relax and code and have people interested in my work. I want to see what the community is like.

D: And if you could see one person – living, dead, fictional, whatever – streaming on, who would it be?

N: That’s a good question. Hmm… I’d like to see Linus, the guy who does the Linux code now. I’d like to see him share his work station, the way his computer is set and the way that he stands up while coding. I’d like him to do something with the Linux kernel and show how he does it.

D: Anything you particularly like to do more than coding? Or is programming your favorite thing to do?

N: I code all day and all night!

Thanks to Nelly for answering our questions, if you want to watch him stream you can visit his channel. If you’d like to take part in a streamer Q&A, contact myself at [email protected]

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