How Sharing Your Project Can Help You

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Have you ever wondered about sharing your personal project to an audience? Almost every engineer out there has their own personal project for diverse reasons including lifelong learning, the app that they had in their mind when they started programming, and so on.

Still, many engineers struggle to keep up with their personal projects due to lack of motivation. Getting bored by working alone on the project is not new and happens to the best of programmers! Are you one of them?

So, what is the solution? If you opt to broadcast your personal projects, you can overcome both a lack of motivation and boredom.

Share your project… You will like it

Getting your personal project online not only gives you the motivation to continue working on it but also gives the audience a glimpse of what you are capable of doing when you let loose your creative beast.

Speaking of creativity, you can also include other people’s ideas into your project and make it even better. Livestreaming a personal project is like broadcasting your ideas to the world, and it always has better returns. This is why the open source movement has been so successful, creating an influx of ideas and improving it every single day. As there is no limit, the growth is just astounding! So, share your project with the audience around you, and they can easily see what you have to offer, and they may even contribute to the idea.

Benefits of sharing your project

So, what are the exact benefits of sharing your projects? Let’s take a look.

  • Give you enough motivation to keep your personal projects afloat.
  • Let others see your idea and let it spread like wildfire.
  • Create new buddies who can help you get over the boredom.
  • Propagate the idea of personal projects and how they can help engineers to upgrade their skills.

What you can do?

Speaking of livestreaming, the first thing that always comes to a broadcaster’s mind is what if your idea is stolen? That’s a wrong way of thinking. Great ideas can be licensed, and so can’t be stolen and are frequently built upon. Read more here about the “fear of your idea being stolen and how it can hold you back”.

Setting the fear aside, it is now time to focus on your personal project and make sure you can catch an audience’s attention. Sit back and relax and make your passion do the hard work.

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