Quarterly LEDU Distribution to Viewers: 250,000 LEDU for Q3-2019


250,000 LEDU for Q3-2019. As we announced last year, all content viewers would be rewarded in LEDU tokens on a quarterly basis. Now, the next quarterly distribution is about to begin, and you should be sure to add your ERC-20 address to your account in order to receive LEDU. For Q3-2019 250,000 LEDU will be distributed for viewers.

The amount allocated to each viewer is determined based on their total activity. Each quarter, a fixed percentage of 2.8% of the original total project creator tokens is distributed. The 2.8% represents one month of the 36 months of distribution time. 

Subscribers on Education Ecosystem will be rewarded for each positive learning activity they complete. They may earn tokens by performing some of the following actions: 

  • Watching live streams
  • Watching project video playlists
  • Total monthly view time
  • Submitting project suggestions
  • Inviting friends
  • Following projects

For each activity a subscriber completes successfully, a tiny token fraction will be allocated. The total number of tokens to be allocated  to a subscriber at month’s end is the sum of all tokens the subscriber has earned:


TTs = total tokens allocated to subscriber
Ts = sum of tokens for each desired subscriber activity completed

Earning LEDU for watching content is one of the unique benefits of Education Ecosystem. The content viewer gets paid to learn and is then rewarded on a quarterly basis for all the activities they take part in. 

To earn cash and LEDU Tokens with Education Ecosystem, check out the page below: https://www.education-ecosystem.com/earn-ledu


Are you a viewer on Education Ecosystem? Have you contributed in the ecosystem by carrying out one of the activities above? If yes, remember to add your LEDU address on your settings page. 

Check HERE to see how to add your ERC-20 address.

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