Slack Workspace Exclusively for Project Creators


LiveEdu is introducing their slack workspace exclusively for Project Creators and Project Managers. This will be the new primary means of communication and will give Project Creators direct access to the category-specific Project Managers. They will offer a personal experience to each Project Creator, welcoming discussion about your project or anything via direct messages. They will also keep you updated about the happenings on LiveEdu such as the most requested topics.

We will have one general community channel plus subchannels of mini-communities for each LiveEdu category namely:

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Game Development
  4. Data Science
  5. Cryptocurrencies
  6. Programming
  7. Design
  8. Augmented and virtual reality

Additionally, you can get the latest news, discover and share your streams schedule, and get updates on upcoming streams from channels in each category on Liveedu. Our Slack workspace will allow you to bridge time zones and geography to communicate with other Project Creators to share experiences, discuss topics, give updates about upcoming streams and much more.


Start connecting, communicating, and collaborating within the LiveEdu Project Creators Group by signing up via this invitational link.


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项目创建与 Q&A 问答环节

LiveEdu 知道:观众有许多问题想对项目创建者说。但是,为了避免项目直播过程被频繁打断,我们设置了一个 Q&A 问答环节。在每次直播结束后,您都有机会通过 Q&A 问答环节向项目创建者提问。 Q&A 问答环节究竟是咋回事? Q&A 问答环节与项目直播环节不太一样,因为它不被包含在完整的项目直播列表内。Q&A 问答环节与主项目直播是分开的,是一个时长 15 分钟的专门环节,在这里观众可以踊跃提问。因此,如果观众在观看上一期直播或视频的过程中存在任何困惑,或者刚刚才进入状态,那么项目创建者可以在这 15 分钟里为他们答疑解惑。 同样,如果在直播结束后观众对讲课内容尚未理解清楚,或者如果有新的疑问,他们可以在直播后充分利用 Q&A 问答环节来梳理思路。由于 Q&A 设置在直播结束后,与主项目分开了,这就确保了项目创建者不需要打断注意力去花时间解答,从而保证了项目质量。此外,观众会拥有更棒的观看体验,因为他们不会在看直播的过程中被他人打断,或是在观看随后的回放时需要手动去跳过这些干扰片段。