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The Importance of Targeted Category Stream Notification

We all hate spam! 

No one is even remotely amused with the bombardment of text and email blast by companies. Some of which we only vaguely remember signing up to, more so to products and services that are a hit or miss on seizing our intrigue.

With that said, companies need to recognize that I don’t want to be tracked, then targeted with strategic material and promotions to get my to buy in again. How about you let me choose what I want I subscribe to?

At, a  vast community made up of coders and developers learning from each other and tackling software projects  they’ve reversed the direction of content. Users can subscribe to  be notified about a specific streamer’s channel or to languages such PHP, Java, Ruby, HTML etc that they are interested in following or learning about.

The most important thing — being in control. Using the notification dashboard you can easily update who and what you’re interested in being notified about. This allows your inbox to receive emails that are deliberate and with specific content.

It’s a simple process, by clicking “Change Category Notification”, you’ll be lead to a dialogue box where you can add languages you’re interested in, at what level of expertise and the language it’s delivered in whether Spanish, English, French etc. Category Notification Dialogue Box

Here you can see all the coding categories we have, and select if you want to be emailed when a stream goes live in a category you like. has approximately 250 coding categories and 35 coding languages, impressive right? So it’s important to specify what you’re interested in being notified about to sift out what you’d like to expand on or to discuss. Because once a stream goes live with the meta-data that matches your settings, you’ll instantly receive an email so you can get on board and join in.

And lastly, remember I said control is a big thing? You can update your interest by either removing a language or shifting levels, for example from beginner to intermediate. That way you can keep your inbox updated with streams that interest you as you progress.Take Back Ctrl

That’s why it’s especially important that streamer’s  properly fill out the details on their streams so that they keep their viewers satisfied. 


To better keep your emails specific to your interest use up the feature to have a better viewing experience. Got questions? Leave a comment in the comment section below or better yet share with us your favorite streamer. Shoutouts to @awakekat, @taddeimania and @gepic Check them out.

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About Author Dr. Michael Jurgen Garbade is the founder of LiveEdu.TV, Kyuda, Education Ecosystem. He is future Venture Capitalist, Future Politician and always on the lookout for the Next Big Challenge. Obtained Masters in business administration and physics, and a Ph.D. in finance with professional work experience in high-paced environments at Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and General Electric. Expertize: Python, PHP, Sencha Touch & C++, SEO, Finance, Strategy & E-commerce. He speaks English and German and has worked in the US, Europe, and Asia. At Education Ecosystem he is the CEO and runs business operations.
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