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Who is thatBROWNguy? And what’s his story? Half-man, half-sweater, half-coder? We need to know more! We recently did a little digging to find out. Here’s what we came up with:

Real name: Tanmay Parikh

Alter ego: thatBROWNguy

Location: Toronto, Canada

Powers/abilities: Java, Android



Q: If you were one of the co-founders what different would you do differently?

A: Recruit people to run tutoring sessions daily, teaching all levels of programming.


Q: Where do you see in 3 years?

A: One of the biggest websites next to YouTube for learning how to code.

Q: Share an interesting moment/experience you had as a streamer/viewer on

A: When I started streaming my “how to build android apps” stream and the overwhelming positive response I got back from the audience. I knew that I had fulfilled my goal of spreading knowledge.

Q: What features would you like to see in

A: Moderation tools, making viewers moderators, and stream quality selection.

Q: Is coding as dry/boring as it’s perceived by common people?

A: Depends on what kind of coding you do. For me, figuring out mathematical functions for a given situation is very boring whereas when I’m designing user interfaces it’s not boring for me at all. You just have to find the part of programming that doesn’t bore you and become the best at it.

Q: If you were a programming language, which one would you be and why?

A: I’d be C, because everyone is always pointing at me for some reason 😉

Q: What’s the best thing about coding?

A: Its the ability to literally anything. You pretty much turn into a magician when you learn how to code.

Q: What do you do when you’re called for dinner while coding?

A: Switch to soylent.

Q: Do you think “Aliens” also code? Why?

A: Sure they do. If they’re capable of designing complex computational devices they need someone to code them.

Check out one of thatBROWNguy’s recent streams: Android App Simple Weather


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