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Video deletion policy, account deletion policy, community etiquette has been growing in the last months and is now time to set up dedicated customer support. Just in the last days, 2300 new users joined. Going forward, we will be offering customer support in English, Chinese and Portuguese. You can write support in any of these three languages. Two users will be joining the team – Yan in Brazil and 陈琦 Chen Qi in China. Please always use the support page to ask user account specific questions – don’t use Twitter or Facebook.

Video deletion policy

Videos with content which violate the ToS or very poor quality will be deleted. Videos with less than 20 views after 4 weeks and not part of a playlist will be deleted. Very soon video download or upload to Youtube will come.

Account deletion policy

As requested on the roadmap account deletion requests will be automated in the next push. There will be a delete button on the user settings page. User will be informed on the page that the account will be disabled now but complete deletion will be carried out after a 7 day grace period. User will be automatically notified per email upon deletion. In case abuse or credit card fraud activity is associated with the account, the account won’t be deleted and the user will be informed why. Deleted usernames are added to a blocked list and cannot be used again

Community etiquette

We all come on to watch people code, code, hang out and have fun. But we need some community etiquette to keep things healthy. As requested in the roadmap we will be releasing a user reporting flag feature in the next push. Some users will be selected soon as mods to help moderate the community.

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